Wild Zeros – Diggin’ It! 7″


France’s kings of fun, frantic rock’n’roll are back!

It’s been almost three years since we’ve heard from Wild Zeros with their 2019 singles compilation “Well Cooked!” (also released by Heavy Medication). Now, the gruesome threesome from Bordeaux celebrates 15 years of three-chord bashing with a KBD-styled three-song 7-incher titled “Diggin’ It!”. Roaring guitars, galloping bass and heavy pounding skins join forces to deliver loud, trashy rock & roll that’ll please all fans of Devil Dogs, Teengenerate, and Infections as well as die-hard disciples of Crypt and Rip Off Records.

Co-released wuth French labels Adrenalin Fix and Beast Records, this snarling platter is housed in face-ripping artwork by Van Gogo. Better dig it!!