Jack Saint – Reap What You Sow CD


It’s been 2½ years since their debut album on Heavy Medication, and now Warsaw’s Jack Saint are back to haunt your dreams and eat your soul! On “Reap What You Sow”, their Gun-Club-meets-Beasts-of-Bourbon vibe is darker and heavier, as the band experiments with new sounds, new textures, possibly new drugs.

While their search for the abrasive zest of punk rock and jazz is far from complete, “Reap What You Sow” may be Jack Saint’s most individually distilled outing to date. The dizzying buffet of skewed post-punk & funk grooves on ‘Reap’ is an inversion of their debut’s unabashed rawness and in–your–face minimalism. The Lee Hazelwood-inspired opener “Hair of my True Love is Ice-Blond” blends obsessiveness with robust storytelling. The chopped-up Beefheartian stomper “Music Against Nature” serves up a meditation on oppression, while the moody slow-burning funk of “Can You Do Without Your Brother?” encapsulates the album’s emotional core.

This is noirish mutant blues that’ll wake the neighbors if you live next to a cemetery. It’s Bad Seeds for Bad People!