Doojiman & The Exploders – Watch Out! Look Out! LP (Radioactive Orange Vinyl)


Doojiman & The Exploders is the dream team put together by the mighty Doojiman and his right-hand man Woogie Wombach. They flew far and wide through the galaxy to put together a robot army of teenager drop-outs with attitude under the name ”The Exploders”. On their travels through The Milky Way, they picked up quite a few influences ranging from The Ramones, MC5 and The Stooges to the sounds of animals such as Dogs, Owls and Bunnies. They mixed all of the above into a superweapon to conquer Earth.

With a bunch of EP’s, singles and two full-length albums under their belts (including “Electric Boogaloo”, released in January of this year by Beluga Records), Heavy Medication is bringing Stockholm’s D&TE’s debut digital-only e.p. from 2014 to vinyl for the first time EVER. From its opening chords, the “Watch Out! Look Out!” EP slaps you upside the face and doesn’t stop to check the swelling until the bloody end of the record. We know it’ll leave you screaming for more ear abuse, so we’re adding four extra tracks (including a Nobunny cover) to make this one helluva epic release. We’re throwing in a lyrics insert too so you can sing along and immortalizing the whole thing for posterity on radioactive orange vinyl. Get on it before it’s gone!

A1 Woogie Wombach
A2 (I Wanna Go) Take Me Away
A3 Doojiwoman
A4 I Love It When You Hate Me
A5 Watch Out! Look Out!

B1 Gonna Get Wild
B2 Police W. Rangler
B3 Apple Tree (Nobunny cover)
B4 Crippled Boy