Jonesy — s/t LP


One tune on Jonesy’s self-titled album opens with the lyric “My favorite song’s ‘All Kindsa Girls'”, while another one declares, “I’d rather be alone listening to the Ramones”. That pretty much sums up where this foursome is coming from. Jonesy are a killer new band from Canada formed out of their mutual love for the Ramones, The Heartbreakers, The Dictators, Dead Boys, and New York Dolls. With the libido of the Dwarves and the guitar power of the Dead Boys, Jonesy play filthy, catchy-as-hell bubblegum punk about tit fucks, superficial mall girls, and the redeeming power of rock and roll. It’s all here in ten bristling tracks fired off with a barrage of chunky guitar solos, simple catchy melodies and irresistibly insane lyrics that you can’t help but sing along to. Highly recommended! On Dead Beat Records.