T.V. Killers – Playin’ Bad Music Since ’92 CD


Dual guitar attack of fuzzy and filthy Punk Rock from this great French punk band. If you like anything from Teengenerate to the Stitches to the Pagans to the Rip Offs, you’ll love the TV Killers. This 14 track CD is a singles and rarities collection including songs from their first 2 out-of-print albums, and long out-of-print singles and compilation tracks. They even throw a bone to their Belgian counterparts The Kids, with a brilliant cover of ‘Do you Love the Nazis?” The CD has 2 bonus tracks that weren’t included on the LP, which has been out of circulation for nearly 10 years now. The TV Killers were one of the best French punk bands of their era, and these songs really stand the test of time. On Dead Beat Records.